The dream where I live with two Asian women

I woke on Friday morning with the remnants of a dream still in me. To my surprise I found those scattered titbits continued to resonate with me over the weekend.

The details of the dream are scarcely remembered, but somewhat provocative. I seem to be in a relationship with two Asian women in their mid-twenties. Both are intelligent, attractive, independent types with a pragmatic mindset. Our ‘relationship’ is unusual. It’s not romantic, but it is trusting and warm. We know what to expect from each other, and the 3 sided nature of it seems to work without issue. It’s certainly sexual in nature, and in fact in the dream they appear to me naked at different times.

It’s uncertain how these relationships begun, though there are clues. It seems that both are masseuse who will occasionally offer extras to their clients. Is that how it worked with me? There’s a sense that it was not as straight-forward as that in my case. It feels as if the relationships took hold after I might have seen them professionally. They are very matter of fact about accepting money from their clients for the services they perform, but with me everything is freely given and gratefully received by all. We each complement the other.

I remember in the dream that there was a sense of surprised contentment about the arrangement. I know what happens off stage, and prefer that it did not happen, but seem to understand. It’s not an arrangement I could ever have imagined  for myself, but it is curiously satisfying. There was a strong feeling of mutual regard and support. We return to each other as our home, and leave it trusting each other implicitly. It’s how I felt, as if they had my back.

It was a funny dream. I felt myself drawn to the women in the dream, and in remembering it over the weekend. There was a family feel to it as well, albeit an unusual family.

One curious fact. At one stage in the dream I look in the mirror and in my reflection see myself resembling Chris Hemsworth. It’s my face, but I am styled to look like him, and the resemblance is surprisingly good, as if we could be brothers. No idea what that means.


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