Happening shit

Another challenging day yesterday. Had thought that many of the challenges where behind me. Silly boy thinking that. Yesterday I got dragged back into it.

Long story short, due to an error by my solicitor when I sold the business it now looks like I have to cough up about $2,500 to the new owners. As they say, not happy Jan (actually, do they still say that?). When I heard I could hardly believe it. Surely it couldn’t be true? Unfortunately, it was.

It’s a blow, and from a financial perspective hits my immediate plans for 6. Pretty well means that my hopes of moving into my very own living space – a house or unit – before Christmas are now khyboshed. Not sure what that now means – plans A – Z have now had a line put through them. I’m back in the situation, theoretically, of having nowhere to live after next week.

It’s  a moral blow to, and hit me pretty hard. You have notions that you’re finally getting clear of a lot of the shit. Certainly I thought the shop was done and dusted. Then it drags you back. The same old stuff, the  same old problems to deal with. You begin to wonder if there is any escape. I was pretty pissed with the world yesterday, which is only fair – the world seems  pretty pissed with me.

Today I’ve moved on. I just have to deal with what is, an amended reality. You accept that certain things are out-of-bounds, and begin to wonder what is in-bounds? I couldn’t do anything yesterday, but today I’m full of intent. There are things to do, problems to solve. It’s energising.

I don’t know how it’s going to work out, but I have to accept that whatever the solution is it will be a deal smaller than I had hoped for, unless a hail Mary comes off. Shit happens.


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