Word count

For those wondering, I’m writing less here because I’m writing more elsewhere. A man’s only got so many words in him each day.

Right now the magic number of words is 1,000. That’s what I aim for every day when I’m wiling away at my book. I don’t count the words, but reckon I’d be averaging that or thereabouts most days. I’ve done it today, in fact probably more than that – the bonus is that I left some words over for you guys  (though I’ve used up all the best words already today).

I’m surprised at how well things are going. I keep expecting to hit a wall. I’m not saying it’s easy – despite what some people think, it takes some serious brain power. What I’m saying is that the challenges are not insurmountable.

I’m up to chapter 7 now. By no means are the previous 6 chapters the finished product, even in draft form. There are gaps here and there, and things I’ve got down I know I want to change. I know what it is though. In terms of form, it sort of fits. In terms of content, some of it is surprisingly good. I have momentum, forward progress, and for now all’s good.

A couple of days ago I wasn’t quite as sure. I had plotting problems – I didn’t have enough of it. I knew how it started, how it ended, knew what it was about and much of the early stuff locked away. I had scenes too in my head I want to use, but the challenge is to fit them in, and connect them together. It all has to make sense.

I went out and bought myself a glass of local pinot and tried to nut it out. I didn’t get far, and went to bed that night with it going round and round in my head. Like it happens more often than not the disparate strands began to cohere into a meaningful whole. I saw the way ahead, and at the same time realised I was better not to try to plot too much. Let it develop organically, like a true investigation would, one thing leading to the next. The only challenge then is  to make sure it ends up where I want it to.

Long, long way to go, and that’s just the first draft. So far so good though.


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