Feels like summer. It’s 34 degrees outside. Inside I’m walking about with my shirt off. Feels liberating. You girls should try it some time.

I had to go to the tailor yesterday to get the suit jacket for the wedding adjusted. I wanted a slimmer fit, but the big job was in the shoulders. When I tried it on first it looked strange and didn’t sit right. Turns out my shoulders are too big to go with the padding in the jacket. I don’t like too much padding in any case and so the solution was to remove most of the padding and leave my natural shoulders to do the job that padding normally does. The tailor joked to me that all those years of swimming had paid off and the girls would love it, as if it was new to me. Whatever.

So anyway I’m in my shorts wandering around in the house feeling all Brad Pitt just now. A week today, this moment, I’ll be in the aforementioned suit jacket complete with suit pants and standing in the sunshine amid the vines on a day hopefully as pretty as it today, but hopefully a few degrees cooler. I’ll be properly shaved for a change and my thick hair will look as neat and in place as it ever does, for a good 30 minutes or so anyway. I’ll stand in the proper spot and make doe eyes at one of the bridesmaids and dutifully carry out my duties as a groomsman. Be there, support the groom, help out whenever I’m needed to (fetch this, do that, speak to the maitre’d, etc), and as the evening goes on slowly loosen my tie and get into the spirit of the occasion and make a move on the pretty bridesmaid just for tradition’s sake, and then it’ll be over.

Mojo strong today. Amen.


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