I’ve been offline from the world for about 6 days, which in this connected  time feels like an eternity. I’ve had my phone to check my email and whatnot, but haven’t been able to do any grown up stuff like add to this blog.

There should be things to report, and there are, if you’re interested.* I’ve got a roof over my head still, but only till the weekend, and somewhere to go should I need it. I can’t imagine not needing it (though I live in hope), even if the option is not ideal.

Basically what we’re talking about is a room with a kitchenette attached. It’s ok for a weekend away (which is what it’s designed for), but not really for a man and dog to reside in. On top of that it’s out-of-town, down the peninsula.

It’s very much a temporary solution, especially as I’ve got to be out of it come the peak holiday season – about a week out from Christmas.

On top of that my finagling may finally pay off next week, though it leaves me less impressed than I hoped. I need it, desperately, but with it almost to hand I’m reminded that unless I find a way to manage it it will be gone before I know it. I’m desperately seeking a  way to manage it, but there seem few avenues, and the few I thought I had available to me have closed in the last week (a week of significant, even crushing disappointment).

As they say, it is what it is. Bottom line is that next week or next month I’m going to need somewhere to live. If I’m lucky I’ll have $20K in my pocket (though paid in instalments), which will disappear quick unless I’m careful.

I’m looking at places with a view  to share. I’m paying $450 a month on storage which can go towards rent instead if I find the right place. Like it or not that seems the best option, though a tough one.

I’ve also further investigated the option of working abroad, but that seems a quixotic notion.

I’m writing, and writing well, and otherwise checking out consulting opportunities, though it’s a bad time of year for that.

Not for the first time I have no fucking idea  of what’s to become of me.

* I write these posts for myself, not others. It feels all about me – which it is, of course. Feel free to skim or disregard these posts, I’d almost feel better if you did. I’m recording it for posterity, nothing more.


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