Flavours are colours

Watching a program in which an odd character wearing a strange piece of hardware embedded into his skull tells of how he hears colours. The varying colours worn by people in the audience produce a diversity of different sounds. They play music and he ascribes colours to the sounds.

It’s fascinating, but not altogether surprising to me. I can’t hear colour, but there are certain things in the world I find myself ascribing colour to, and which I could imagine by extension imagining the tune that might play to it.

This is particularly true of food. Often when I’m cooking and putting together an impromptu meal I think of it in terms of colour palate. Some colours go together, and some don’t. When I’m cooking, depending on where my appetite leads me, I’ll either try to put a variety of colours together, or else might choose to stick to the one shade.

Most meats, mushrooms, etc, are earthy colours, different shades, but related. Vegetables like tomatoes, capsicum, chilli, etc, is red. Most spices are yellow to red. Then there are greens, which basically correspond to the leafy vegetables. And so on.

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