After the storm

Last night was just about the wildest I can remember. I don’t know what time it was, somewhere between 1 and 2am that the thunder began. I’ve experienced many thunderstorms in my life, but few with the intensity of this, and none, I think, so close.

Flashes of lightning lit up the house. Thunder ripped through the sky at an incredible volume. Often they were instantaneous with each other. Lightning was striking in the streets about so that for the first time I ever I was forced to wonder what would happen if lightning struck the house I was in.

The storm went on through the night without abating. Normally thunderstorms spend themselves within 30 minutes of fury. This storm went on through the night without let, and on and off through the day. The rain pelted down with an unrivalled intensity. A great volume of water fell upon Melbourne through the night and into the day. It’s no surprise that pretty well every railway line this morning was seriously disrupted. For once it was good not to have a job to go to.


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