I was out walking before with Rigby and my niece S. S loves to come on walks with me and Rigby. I reckon so far it’s been the highlight of her school holidays ranging far and wide with us. Anyway on the way back we were climbing a hill and she was lagging behind. I turned and yelled to her: “Hurry! Hurry! There are monsters after you!”

She smiled and started to run in that young girl sort of way – she’s 8. After about 20 metres of running she stopped and turned around.

“I can’t see any monsters,” she said. “Where are they?”

“They’re invisible monsters,” I said.

Very sensibly she asked: “How come you can see them then Buppa?”

“Because I have magic glasses on,” I said.

By now we had reached the top of the hill. She tilted her head as she does when she’s not sure of something. “Is that true Buppa?” she said.

A couple of minutes later she had raced ahead of me towards the little park. She turned and yelled to me: “Look out Buppa, there are monsters after you!”

“Are they invisible monsters?”


“Then how come you can see them,” I asked.

She smiled triumphantly, and with joy. “‘Cause I have magical eyes,” she said.


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