Gold and blue

I think I’m a stylish and well dressed kind of guy. Others may beg to differ, but I doubt it. I like clothes, and am enough of a show-off to dress with a bit of flair. I don’t want to blend into the crowd.

Now in many ways style is individual, but some taste elements are pretty basic and universal, like what colours go together, and what don’t.

Over the weekend I had a fashion experience that has left a bad taste in the tum.

One of my best mates JV is getting married in a couple of months time. I’m in the wedding party and so JV asked me to help shop for suits for the blokes. JV is more conservative that I am. He doesn’t want to make a splash, and is happy to be basically classical. His fiance had particular notions about what we should be wearing, some of which JV would never go for, and which didn’t make complete sense in other ways.

So we went out on Saturday looking for suits basically pale grey or pale brown. It was a beautiful sunny day and we went from place to place while he tried on a bunch of suits, some of which were gorgeous, but not entirely suitable. Given the limited scope it was a hard job.

At one place we went beyond the brief and JV tried on an absolutely gorgeous suit. It was funky and cool and somehow retro, like something you’d see in Mad Men, or Sean Connery wear in one of the 007 movies from the sixties. It was a very vibrant blue, a great suit to wear to the races and so on, particularly paired up with the right accessories. We sent a photo of to his missus just in case and she turned her nose up saying, somehow, that it was an ‘old man’s suit’ – when in fact it was a cool dude’s suit. Back to the drawing board.

Finally JV picked out a pale grey suit and got some adventurous accessories and that was fine. The groom’s party would follow suit by donning a suit a shade more grey – same, but different.

Apparently that didn’t go down well, and then it emerged the bridesmaids were wearing gold and I had one of those fist to the head moments wondering why the fuck we couldn’t go blue when blue was the absolutely perfect option?

I presume a certain level of fashion sense exists in most people, but maybe I’m wrong. Gold and blue is a classic combination. Gold and grey isn’t. I have to say – inappropriately – that I wish it had been all left to me to sort out properly, rather than muddle through as we did with mixed messages, confused fashion sense, and incomplete info. I know, the bride is always right, but what’s annoying is that it’s a missed opportunity that shouldn’t have been missed. It will look ok, and no-one will complain – but it could have been great.


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