It feels like I’m busy. It feels like I’m productive. Though I’m absolutely skint I feel as if things are turning, and that I’m moving forward with intent. This is the hard bit, getting going after being stalled for so long. It’s like putting your shoulders to an iced-in sled, it takes a lot of muscle before it starts to shift, if it shifts at all. Once you’ve broken free of the ice it’s a lot easier. I’m not sure I’m at that stage yet, but I feel things shifting.

They sound like brave words, and while I can justify them in my head there’s little yet to show for it. I’ve attained nothing yet.

I need to get money in my hand. Once I have that I can begin to breathe a bit more easily. I can begin to get some of my creditors off my back. Enough money and I can think about moving – which is my dream.

It’s going to take a chunk of money to make that basic dream into a reality. Easy does it won’t do it. I need steady money to live by, but I need a lump of cash to get out of this place and into another. It’s tough, but I’ve set myself a November deadline.

So I’m working at getting some steady money to start with. I’ve applied for a few jobs now with about the usual amount of confidence. I’m pretty cynical about the the recruiting process, but then so to is anyone else who has had to deal with it in the last couple of years. I’ll keep doing that, but I figure I need to make things happen myself.

To that end I visited my first client last week in the joint venture with the IT guy. It was a good meeting, but there was not enough meat on the bone for the IT guy to go on with. That was disappointing for me, but the whole episode seems to have verified my bona fides in the eyes of the IT guy. He likes the way I think, and is reassured with how I approach it. Something will happen I expect, but I don’t know when or how.

In the meantime I’m following up other odd little opportunities, and investigating notions I had set aside when I was busy.

I mentioned I had another potentially lucrative opportunity fall into my lap. Lucrative if it happens, but it takes a bit of elbow grease and some creative inspiration to make that so. Realistically the returns are likely to be much more modest given the degree of difficulty involved – but that’s why it ended up with me. Too hard for others, why don’t you have a crack H?

Basically I have to source contacts and market to them a pretty neat product which is nonetheless incomplete and not altogether current. I’ve had my thinking cap on and made some headway. I’ve had some bites, but there’s a decent difference between having a taste and ordering the meal. This is not my thing – I’m not a salesman – but it’s an interesting challenge.

There’s one other thing on the go. I’m in the process of finagling something that will mean – if it works to my best expectations – that the chunk of cash I referred to above will land in my bank account. It will be a decent chunk too, a little short of 50K I reckon – but it takes a lot of the finagling to make it happen, and possibly a bit of charm. Reckon it’s about 50/50 to happen, which are fair odds. It may not turn out to be a profitable as all that, but as long as I have enough to clear some debts and move into my own abode then I’ll take it. Still need that steady money though.


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