Adjusting still

This is my first Saturday out of the shop. It’s not 10am yet, but by now normally – the last 3 months anyway – I’d have been gone an hour by now and in the shop preparing to open. I’m not, and it feels strange. It’s been a week like that. At times I’ve felt a bit lost. In stead of heading to the shop I’ve scratched around looking for something to busy myself with. Mostly I’ve been very happy to be free of it, to have that time finally to myself, and the stress of being a business owner allayed for now. As the sun has set each night and the evenings grow cold I’ve been especially grateful that I no longer must be in the shop and working to 10pm.

I’ve still got access to the security cameras. I’ve given them clear instructions, but the new owners have yet to update the account. A few times through the week I’ve tuned in out of curiosity. I can’t see much – the reception area mainly – and there is little to keep me entertained. I’m curious though, and note the minor changes they have implemented since I’ve walked out the door. Some of my girls are working there still I think, though some have been let go to. I expect to get reports back from them at some point. At some point I will return to the shop myself.

Today? Right now I’m not sure what to do. Perhaps I’ll walk Rigby. Later I’ll watch the footy. And tonight I’m heading down Mornington for dinner. Nice to be out of it, but still adjusting.

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