Over and out

Last night as I drove away from the shop I reflected that I felt melancholy. That’s not something I’ve felt for a long time. Melancholy is a private emotion. It’s a burnished, small thing. It’s an introspective piano tune, slow and intricate. I’ve had no time for melancholy these last 6 months. That’s not been my life. It’s been up and at ’em, the tune if there was one, insistent and up-beat.

That tune is ending though. I’m shifting into a another movement. Yesterday was my second last day in the shop and the end truly was in sight.

It was dark as I drove back. It had been raining and the streets were wet. There was little traffic on a Sunday night, and I drove the oft-travelled, so familiar route back to where I started each morning. I knew every sight about me. The traffic patterns have become subliminal. Soon though, today, that will end.

Earlier a couple of friends had come by the shop to see me off. We had a bottle of wine there before going to a nearby Spanish restaurant. We sat in the corner by the window in the brightly lit, convivial atmosphere. We had beer and wine. We ordered a selection of tapas. It rained outside. The cook that comes in for a massage came over to shake my hand. Then he bought his boss over, the owner, and introduced me. Another round of tapas arrived. We talked among ourselves just the blokes. The end here was discussed, finally, and a good thing. Here’s to a new dawn…

One of the off duty therapists had come in to say goodbye to me earlier. That was nice. I can’t tell you how gratified I am by the affection the girls give me. Some have already said they will stop working here after I’m gone. That’s partly mismanagement by the new owners, but several have told me that they work here for me. As I sat in the restaurant one sent me a message: “Thx my best boss”.

When they left I went back to the shop. I felt lost. It had been an awful day. With one therapist I’d had to turn away about $500 worth of business. What I was left with was well below par. I felt like I should say or do something to mark the occasion, but all I did was clean up a little and pay a salary. Then I was on the road.

I’m here again now, my final morning here on my final day. I debated whether I should open at all, then thought I should work it right to the end. If nothing else it would be an anti-climax not too. Besides, I might pick up a few extra dollars. I need every cent.

I don’t know how the settlement will go today. I don’t know how much I have to pay or if I need pay anything. I expect I do. I hope I have enough, but don’t know that I do. Guess I’ll find out later. I’m hoping for no more unpleasant surprises.

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