Out and about

I’ve probably got a bit to report, but since I can’t be bothered re-hashing it all here I’ll skip through most of it. Don’t know if there’s anything fascinating. Probably the most interesting is a girl who may be stalking me now. That’s annoying, but even that’s only interesting for about 5 minutes.

Out last couple of nights. On Wednesday the girls from the shop took me out for dinner as a kind of farewell now that the clock is ticking down. We went to one of the Korean Gami chicken joints now seemingly popping up all over the city. It’s good stuff though, crunchy, sticky, sweet Korean chicken – or KFC as they call it (Korean Fried Chicken).

It was a fun night. They were all up for it and in good spirits. One of the girls generally more demure was particularly lively. They had bought a bottle of Japanese rice wine and we were drinking it as shots. She kept topping up my glass and I mentioned to her that obviously she was used to getting men tipsy and her face split into a huge smile and with a giggle she admitted, yes, she was.

Not long after that I taught them how to say ‘cheers, big ears’, which both fascinated and delighted them. It was both endearing and slightly strange then to have a table full of Thai girls enthusiastically telling me to “cheers, big ears” each time we took another slug.

Last night I caught up with an acquaintance from KL. I worked with him a couple of years ago over there. He was the project manager and was there offering strategic advice. For some reason then he really took to me, and has kept in contact with me ever since. I seem to be a bit of an unexpected mentor to him.

He’s an interesting character, by no means the typical Malaysian. He’s a bit eccentric, very confident, but also very smart. Since I worked with him he’s started up his own digital marketing business, which is clearly going very well. He’s expanded out of Malaysia, with clients all the way down the archipelago and extending into Indonesia.

We had a pint first, then dinner down at Southgate. It was a brilliantly clear Melbourne night, though chilly with it. It was fine.

About the stalking, well I don’t know if it is technically stalking. I met her and she was cute but pretty boring. She kept telling me long and pointless stories about people I don’t know. Now she keeps sending me messages and calling me up. I’m a pretty good bloke and I’m patient and so I humour her while trying to steer her away. The other night she’d obviously been out and she sent me some messages that were literally garbled. Then she called me up and her diction was no better. I’d just got back after a long day in the shop and had just sat down and I wasn’t in the mood. In the end I told her maybe we should talk another time. I really could barely understand her.

That was that I thought, before my phone started going again, messages first, then ringing. I’m charging my phone in the other room so I don’t even know that she’s sent me messages first, asking if we were ok, apologising and all that, then when I don’t respond calling up with drunken and barely coherent messages. By now I’ve got wind of it. It’s after 10.30, I’m sorting myself out for bed and I want nothing more to do with this. I’m ticked off.

In the end I send her a message saying it’s ok, but if you keep ringing it won’t be. Naturally what followed was a number of apologetic SMS messages.

You know you should never text or phone up when you’re drunk, though it always seems more tempting then. You can pay a price for it.

I don’t know what it is about this girl and me. She’s got something into her head which is only marginally related to me. I know how that can happen, you get hooked on a fantasy that you conjure up in your imagination. Mostly it has very little basis in fact and only tangentially anything to do with the object of the fantasy. We’ve done nothing to suggest anything like this – we’ve shared no intimacies, she doesn’t know me, it’s a bit of banter and a touch of attitude. I actually wonder if by trying to distance myself I’ve helped create this thing. Anyway, I’m calling her later today, I’ll tell we’re cool but there’s no point to this.

All the same, the wheel keeps turning. I may get older, but in some regards things don’t change a bit.

I was sitting down to breakfast yesterday and looked over to the next table to were a woman caught my eye. She’d have been mid thirties, dark-haired, slim, and somehow alluring to my eye. As I ate my granola I pondered that. She had a good smile. That always helps. And she smiled a lot. What it was though I thought was that she seemed to possess an earthy womanly essence. That’s very attractive to a man like me.

She was there with what looked like her mum, and maybe a friend. I found myself imagining her and liking her more – fantasy! – and feeling as if I knew what she was like. Naturally I then imagined her happily naked, right down a lush pubic spread the same black as her hair.

Nothing happened. Nothing would. Nothing needed to. It was 20 minutes whiled away in pleasant, but inconsequential contemplation. I stood up, paid my bill, and walked out.

Last night we had an Irish waitress serve us. She must have been about 28, with a big shock of dark, curly hair. She was bright and bouncy in the same that so many Irish are. She was cute in every way, but I didn’t really ‘notice’ her until she noticed me. It’s funny how that works. I didn’t do anything but she seemed taken with me. She kept looking at me, and deferring to me, and something in her body language. When people notice you, you notice them. I looked at her differently after that. I thought, something could happen here. But what? We paid the bill and left, a pleasant diversion.



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