Good business

I posted last week how some dude I met asked if I would like to run an arm of his business, and then invited me to put a proposal to him. Well I submitted that early this week. Couldn’t get too detailed because there’s a lot I just don’t know, but I was reasonably bold in outlining a deal between us, which would include revenue share as well as salary.

I heard back from him yesterday just when I was wondering if I’d been too bold. Apparently not. I was on the ‘right track’. He’s away next week, but suggested catching up the next week to discuss.

It sounds promising, but it’s now dawning on me that it might be a bigger challenge than I anticipated. It sounds like to me that he has little going right now, and I would be starting it from scratch. I’m under no illusions about the situation. He’s got little to lose. If I make a go of it we both win. If it falls over he loses little. He’s positioned it well. It’s good business.

It’s potentially good business for me to; and also daunting. I’m lucky in that I have some good industry contacts I can leverage off and maybe use. I figure that as much as I have good general experience for this dude, the real attraction in me is that I can be a figurehead – lead and present because I look and act the part. I’m also available. That maybe faint praise, but I’ll cop it.

The bonus for him if it comes off is that he not only makes money out of it, but he also has someone to fall back on. That’s good for me too though. Do it right and could be running the show in 12 months – I think that’s part of his agenda.

Of course I may be totally wrong and reading way too much into things. Whatever. It has to work first, which means I have to make it work. Just need to figure out how to do that.

I reckon we’re 50/50 to conclude a deal, which is better than I expected. Time will tell.


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