The end of the world, and I dreamt it

Had quite a cool, though spooky dream the other day.

I’m outdoors on a terrace or something on a sunny day, with an unknown city skyline clearly in view maybe 10 km away. Abruptly there is a huge crack of an explosion, enough to make you start. The view is suddenly unsettled. Debris jumps in the air from the shock, much in the same way dust will come from a rug that’s been beaten. It begins to settle down when I notice what looks like distortion in the view, as if seen through flawed glass. It’s like a bubble is emanating from the city centre and travelling at speed towards me. It’s the blast wave, and as I brace for its arrival there is a feeling of utter loss, as if everything I’ve known about the world has been abruptly invalidated. At the very least, this is the end of things as we knew them. I don’t know what has happened but I know that it is terrible, and I don’t know if I will survive.

The dream ends before the blast wave hits me. It was particularly vivid, scarily so, as if a premonition of things to come. The clarity of the actual images seemed HD, and the detail of what I saw greater than I would imagine. It was as if I was witnessing something real and factual, rather than a dream.

The sense of shock, both physical and psychological, was profound. One moment everything was normal, as it ever was and as you would always imagine it to be, and the next it was changed forever. I could not identify the city, even after I woke. I guess that’s something.

I seem to recall having another apocalyptic dream once before.


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