Enough is enough

I’m about as angry as I’ve ever been right now. I’ve had my incandescent moments over the last couple of days, but right now it’s a cold anger. I’ve tried to do the right thing, I’ve been reasonable, and now all I want to do is kneecap someone.

I got an offer on Monday as I was sort of expecting and the landlord once more said no unless, etc, and that was enough to make me very angry. Then we basically told him to go fuck himself and he said ok then and that was enough to make me angry to because this is not the deal I wanted.

The landlord has fucked me up big time. His absolutely pointless posturing and punitive attitude cost me 8 grand up-front, not to mention the extra legal fees, and the stupid thing is that it cost him too. He’s made it hard at every point, when if he had cleared the way we’d be in business now. Bloody waste of time and money just so as he can feel mighty tough. Which is what he tried to again early this week, just as fucking pointlessly.

If common sense had prevailed I’d have signed the deal nearly 3 weeks ago and been that 8 grand better off, and he’d be 3 weeks closer to having a new tenant. (Which is not to mention anything about the missed opportunity with the other potential purchaser – add another 5 grand to the 8). Instead he had to go the he-man (why do so many people feel that need?) and here we are. Just dumb.

All this makes me furious because it’s unnecessary, because it’s stupid, because it’s cost me time and money, and because I come out of this with nothing. And because I feel dudded, and as if no matter what I do it counts for nothing. I should be thankful that the shop can continue. That’s a small, hard-won victory, but not certain till papers are signed.

To add to the sense of fury is that my jacket fell out of the car last night as I opened the door. In a pocket was my mobile phone, and somehow the screen managed to smash. And then before eating a steak sandwich for lunch my tooth crunched. What really pisses me off is that it crumbled initially about 4 months ago, and I’ve not been able to afford to go to the dentist since. Now it’s absolutely fucked, and I’ll probably lose the tooth altogether. Just sick of it.



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