Esquire writer bravely deems 42-year-old women f-ckable

Esquire writer bravely deems 42-year-old women f-ckable.

Well that’s a relief. I can now go and fuck a post-42 year old woman with a clear conscience. Phew!

I have Esquire in my Facebook newsfeed. I’ve been reading the magazine for years, and always thought it just a little better than it’s big rival, GQ. The difference for the most part was the quality of the writers – they had more good writers, and what they wrote about was pretty well always worth reading.

Back in the day Esquire really did investigate what it meant to be a man. Not just any man, but an intelligent, cultured, thoughtful man. There were always plenty of stories on fashion, but also interesting interviews, clever articles on worthwhile subjects, plus the ever present tips on how to be a better man in so many ways.

I don’t know who curates Esquire’s online presence, but these days it’s much more a low-brow, blokey vibe with story after story, picture after picture, of pretty, semi-clad women.

Now I like pretty, semi-clad women. It gets a bit boring though, particularly as the reason you read Esquire was for the intelligence of it’s writing. I’ve bought one thing, but am being sold something different.

The print version of Esquire is not as crude or obvious as that, but it’s still a long way off the quality of its heyday. Obviously a lot of that is editorial – probably more money in going low-brow. More to the point they don’t have the writers they used to have.

I guess the article being referenced here is a case in point. No doubt the point of making such a crude statement was to be provocative, which goes against the traditional ethos of the magazine, but is bang in tune with the tenor of the day.

Do I really want to know why some second-rate writer now believes it’s ok to fuck a woman over 42? No. The very idea I might is disdainful. It’s a gimmicky, shallow story looking to appeal to the jocks out there. And just for the record, I don’t need the imprimatur of Esquire to fuck anyone (though doubtless there are male impostors who do). I’ll make up my own mind on that.

And of course it’s highly disrespectful. This writer deserves every bit of shit that’s going to come this way. The question is whether any woman, 42 over or under, would be willing to fuck a journalist wannabe with delusions of grandeur, and likely the small dick to match it?


One response to “Esquire writer bravely deems 42-year-old women f-ckable

  1. ugg I feel the same way about Esquire theses days, it’s a bummer. You’d think there are enough of us that seek out Esquire for more than t.n.a. Pity, they’re diluting it with too much. However, what got me to this post was an ongoing search about Jim Harrison. The Esquire connection to him showed up pretty quick.


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