Germany to win

Waking up early tomorrow to watch the Germany/Brazil semi-final. It’s a 6am start, so not as unfriendly as most of the other matches.

I’m hoping for a German victory tomorrow, and expect it too. These two countries have a great world cup history, so it’s a fitting final.

I’m tipping Germany for a a number of reasons. The most obvious right now is that with Neymar and Silva out the Brazil team are missing two of their best players.

This is not a vintage Brazil team either. They’ve played with a bit of luck up to now. You don’t get to the semis of a comp like this on luck alone, but there were a couple of their games that could have gone the other way. Luck counts for a lot though, you can’t discount it, and if it continues it could be enough. I just don’t think it will be.

I admire Germany. I always admire Germany. They find ways to win. In that regard they’re just about the antithesis of England. They play hard and don’t stop and they keep going with their precision game until they find a way through. There’s a lot of technical skill there, but also a lot of mental strength, and this is a classy team.

Neuer is probably the best goalkeeper in the world. I like how Muller scraps and works and he’s smart in how he goes about it, a class player. Mats Hummel is a very good player too, and Kroos underrated. Then there are the others, ranging from very good to very, very good, including Lahm and Ozil.

End of the day I just think they’re a tough team to beat, and know how to win. That’s a great combo, and against this Brazil team probably enough. Right now Germany are my tip for the big prize.

That explains some of the reason I want them to win: I admire them. And, like many, I’m a little jaded by Brazil. They’re playing rough football and getting away with too much. They’re not the beautiful team they were.

So I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and rub the sleep out of my eyes and watch it with Rigby by my side. Brazil might surprise me, or even Germany, but I don’t know. Even with the big crowd backing them in I don’t know if that will be enough to overcome the steely resolve of the Germans.


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