Tamil asylum seekers: Ghosts on the high seas

Tamil asylum seekers: Ghosts on the high seas.

We have a deplorable, evil government. Our government. Beggars belief.

More and more I imagine Morrison in a Nazi uniform. He’s about as truly Christian as so many of the allegedly devout Nazis, twisting it to their own ends. So easy to see him like a latter day Hermann Goring, smart uniform, a chestful of medals, the attitude. He’s even got the language – in fact there is a Goring quote somewhere which explains exactly what the Nazi’s did in turning people against the Jews, and what Morrison et al are doing now in exactly the same way. I don’t say it lightly, but these people have a Nazi mentality.

It all fits. Pine is made for a tailor made Nazi uniform, mincing about with a riding crop in his hand, clever like Goebbels, but with more polish. I see Abbott as more of a Rudolf Hess type strangely, misguided and with ‘funny’ ideas in his head. George Brandis = Martin Bormann, though without the smarts; Greg Hunt an ineffectual Himmler; and I guess that makes Julie Bishop kinda like Ribbentrop – different sex course of course, and I reckon she’s a bit tougher, though possibly that’s because she’s a mechanical construct.

I’m not joking. This is no laughing matter. These ‘people’ part themselves on the back while people die and are sent back to uncertain futures.


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