No more brave face

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been busy, and because I got sick of writing about the same old stuff. You need a break from it, and so do I.

As usual I’ve been in the shop most of the week. It’s been a quiet week. Doing my head in how quiet it is, but it seems the same up and down the street. I’m saved, just, by how busy it gets on the weekend.

On Thursday it was so quiet that I was able to submit two assignments due. The first I put the finishing touches to and sent off. The second I’d begun, but with fuck-all completed. By 8pm I’d written it, edited, formatted it, added in some graphs, and ultimately submitted it – all 17 pages of it.

Otherwise I’m caught up trying to sort out the mess I’m in, too much to report on here even if I wanted to. I suspect there is a seething cauldron of pent-up anger in me. I suspect I’m stuffed as well, unless I think of something very clever very quickly.


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