Time’s up

It’s D-Day here, and typically it’s on delay.

I contacted one of my suitors this morning to ask whether they intended to put a bid in on the shop. They responded within minutes requesting a meeting 20 minutes hence. This was encouraging, and so I accepted. Ten minutes later they contacted me again to say that something had come up, could we re-schedule for this afternoon? This was frustrating, and vaguely worrying, but I had no other choice but to accept.

My gut feel on this is that they want the shop, but don’t want to seem too obvious. They have a price-point I figure, in which case I have to be careful to not scare them off. Will they buy? Given the right circumstances, yes. Will they submit an offer today? I’m less certain of that.

I found it hard to wake up this morning. It’s getting harder every day. Every day that passes another layer of tiredness is added. That translates into about 3-4 minutes more of required sleep time. Late in the evening I find it hard to keep my eyes open. In the morning filled with cosy sleep I’m reluctant to rouse from it.

To my surprise last nights sleep was actually quite pleasant. The night before I’d been up half the night attending to a sick dog. Last night he was well and I slept deeply. Almost counter to my life at present I found myself dreaming pleasantly of things I can no longer recall. I may have been late waking, and feeling full of dope, but I rose feeling more positive than I might have.

What that means is that I feel myself again. I completely understand how I felt yesterday, which was pretty bleak. As it happens it was a very frustrating day in practical terms, as well as in anticipation of today.

I’ve posted regular updates about this ‘process’, for want of a better term. I concluded that I wanted to record the ups and downs of this journey, as well as the quirky asides and interludes, as a permanent record of the time. Living through it has been interesting how it has played out externally in the world, and even more so internally. I wanted to make note of those things while they were still in me. I expect one day to be out of this, but this will be a party of my history that needs to be remembered.

So, to today. I have one strong contender and a couple less so. I met further with some Thai girls yesterday keen on the shop. I would love to sell to them, but I think it unlikely. Given time I believe they would submit an offer, but time – about a week – is something I don’t have. They re-visit today, but I think it moot.

There are Chinese involved also. They visited on Sunday, a family who rocked up in a sparkling Audi SUV. I had been in contact with the son, who on meeting reminded me of Fredo from the Godfather. He seemed meek and diffident, perhaps striving to be something unnatural to him. His father, not unlike Don Corleone in manner, assumed control of the discussion while Fredo stood in the background next to his mother. An older brother, a bit like Sonny actually – brash and forthright –  got involved also.

I think they’re interested to. Certainly they were impressed. But interested sufficiently to make an offer today? I doubt it.

Throughout all of this I have to put on my best performance, as I must do again later today. It’s a little nerve-wracking, like taking the stage before a big audience and hoping not to fluff your lines. You’re afraid that the stage scenery will fall in the heap, or something off-stage will intrude upon the performance. For me that means I have to say the right things, that the shop looks good, that we seem sufficiently busy and that none of the therapists will appear out of turn.

So far I think we’ve managed it okay. I guess the proof will be in the pudding.


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