A.k.a. Alex Mountjoy

Just had lunch and a beer with a bloke I met a while back  now (2 years?) while networking. He’s a lovely, very affable bloke and our semi-regular lunches contain little of the tedious crap that most networking entails. He has a business, and attended the original function for the same reason as I did – to promote the business and hope to meet potential new clients. Now we just catch up to share news and have a laugh and blow off steam.

As it happens we hadn’t caught up since late last year. In the time since there’s much that has happened to both of us. In his case he got the big client and, while snowed under, is looking good.

Over lunch he told me another story. His wife has been a keen amateur writer for a several years. Last year she had a book she’d been working on for a while that she decided to get published. Instead of going to a big name bricks and mortar publisher she decided to get it published as an e-book online through Amazon and the like. With some trepidation then she uploaded the book and waited for the response.

To their great surprise the book took off. It’s in the ‘new adult romance’ category and since being published has pretty well remained in the top 200 books downloaded. She’s since had a second book published that has gone just as well. She has a Facebook fan page, a growing list of followers all around the world, and there’s even some talk that a guy who worked on the Twilight movies might option book one.

As he tells it it’s all quite extraordinary, though very welcome. His wife is now working on a third in the series which the fans are clamouring for. He shook his head with a laugh as if it was all a bit surreal.

I listened with obvious interest. I’d heard stories like this before, and as someone who writes my ears always prick up. For a few moments I contemplate the possibility of trying it myself, and even consider writing new adult romance if that’s what it takes.

In reality I’ve already done it. I forget that sometimes, though I oughtn’t: there’s little I haven’t done these days, and it surprises even me.

Sadly I haven’t met with the same success as my friend’s wife. I get a few dollars here and there as royalties for a very different, if not strange, kind of fiction. Maybe, shop sold, I should try again, and with a different kind of product.


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