Bid now

Today finds us at a critical juncture in the fortunes of my little massage shop.

In the aftermath of the tumult a few years back I came to an arrangement with the landlord to extend my lease in the shop to the end of the month, conditional on coming up with a payment of $1,000 weekly. You all now the various dramas regarding that if you’ve been following my fantastic adventures. In actual fact this week I was short because the scum-bag bank (a phrase now in common usage around Oz) chose to take $95 out of my account unannounced. Still, managed to get by.

The end of the month has transpired, however, and it means I’ve been in discussions with the agent and been in receipt of the usual veiled threats from the owners.

I have a reasonable relationship with the agent. I’ve been pretty open with them and I think they are pretty understanding of the situation. They’re smart enough to know that the best solution is that I manage to get the shop sold and we all live happily ever after.

For all their huffing and puffing I reckon the owners must have figured out the same thing.

I’ve had a few people interested in the shop and I asked to get their bids in by today at midday. I went with that to the agent to win some time. She agreed, but meets with the owners just about now to discuss the situation. They may well choose to pull the pin on me today in disregard of common sense. I should be worried, and part of me probably is, but I’m just as happy to be defiant. I’ll have no truck with stupidity.

As it happens I doubt very much I’ll get a definitive bid today. Maybe by Friday. I’m in an awkward position. I can’t force people to make a bid. And when they do there’s much I can do but accept it, regardless of what it is.

What that means is that I have to play it smartly. I’ve made a commitment to being honest, but at the same time I need to spin things to get the maximum possible bid. That means being coy sometimes, or sometimes hard to get, and at other times very candid. I have to play upon other factors than the merely financial. I’m very busy cooing comforting words into receptive ears, using charm as much as facts and figures to entice them to the line.

End of the day I have to be very flexible. I’m in a position of extreme weakness, but cannot show that, but nor can I appear too confident. There’s a middle way and if I do it right then I’ll get a reasonable bid by week’s end. No guarantees of that, but even in the worse case scenario I’m sure I can extract a bid by then, even if it’s not a good one.

In the wash-up, any bid is bid is better than no bid.


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