No room for sentiment

Nearing the end of another tempestuous week. This is the week I lost J, my receptionist, temporarily at least. Which means I’ve worked from first thing to last except for the days I managed to get a fill-in. Most days that’s about a 7am start and ‘home’ about 11. In between was a day at school, after which I came in to work. And all of this with a fucking awful cold that went from my head to my chest and then both. I really should be in bed (not the couch). I want to be in bed. Here I am again though, in the shop.

Really, when all this concludes there’s two things I’m going to do. Buy some new undies – my olds are becoming embarrassingly decrepit. And find somewhere serene where I can just chill out in peace for a few days. Actually, there might be more than two things.

Otherwise things are progressing re the shop sale, though not with the people from the other week. The woman I disapproved never showed again, and her partner finally admitted last night that she has issues she needs to deal with so she’s a no go – but he’s still interested. Had another guy visit on Thursday night with grandiose notions of the money he will make. And straight after a bunch of very interested Chinese women who aim, I believe, to turn it into a rub and tug joint. I went home feeling very sad about that.

Then one of my favourite therapists, and the best in the shop, quizzed me about selling the shop yesterday. She really likes it here, and wants to work here more, and is trying to get a friend to come also. That made me feel sad to. If there was a way of keeping the place I would.

Maybe there is. Sitting in class the other day I got talking to the guy next to me. He’s the owner of a successful food company looking to expand. He asked for my advice on things and is keen to get me to help him. We’ll see. At the same time one of the few prospects I’ve been following lately came back to me saying still a chance.

Very outside chance: take one of these jobs, and partner with the Indian guy.

Nah, I’ll sell.


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