Happy mother’s day

Mother’s Day and I’m in early at the shop. This is one of the few days of the year that people hold sacred I think, if only out of habit. All over town families will be getting together to celebrate their mums. Even as I write this thousands of mums will be getting breakfast in bed.

I don’t know what to expect from a business perspective. It could be very busy or it could be very quiet. While most families will elect to celebrate at home or at a local restaurant, I’m hoping a few will seek to indulge mum with a luxurious massage. Certainly that’s what we’ve been spruiking.

I think it will be ok. We have two bookings so far, including our first ever outcall. It’s not something we normally do, for logistical reasons and security. It’s different today because we know the family – the husband is looking to surprise his wife – and because I can drive the therapist to and from.

For me I won’t be doing anything of course. I’ve been asked a few times if I have any plans, to which I reply no, mum is dead. Might be a bit blunt, but I’ve never been one for euphemisms. In a way though it means more now she’s not here. Like everyone it was our family ritual to get together for mother’s day. In truth there were a lot of dull days.

You appreciate it more now you have no mother to celebrate. You think about it, you look at people going out to do this. It’s not bitter or even sad, but you feel a bit of a sorry figure in other people’s eyes, and feel as if you have lost membership to a club you didn’t quite value when you were part of it. I’ll be thinking of mum in my own quiet way today.

It does make me strangely sentimental in one aspect. I take delight in the pleasure of others. I’m touched deeply by the thoughts and gestures of these loving families. I’m glad we can travel to give some well-deserving mum a good massage today. And yesterday I felt myself unexpectedly warmed by a kid about 15 years old wandering in to take a brochure. Later he came in with his sister and together they bought a voucher for their mum.

I hope they all have a wonderful day today. And to all mums, we may not always show it, but we appreciate you.


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