Lost romance

I’ve given an old PC of mine to my nephew. Before handing over had to make sure it was clean. Went through it during the week, which is an exercise in nostalgia in many ways. I stopped using this PC in 2009, which is where the sedimentary layer stops. Open it up and it’s a snapshot of where I was back then, the files, the emails, the documents.

As it happens the PC contains all my emails from 2004 all the way up to 2009. I briefly scanned through my emails, flipping through the different folders I’d set-up.

The folder with the most files in it was labelled Girls. It contains all the correspondence between me and the myriad women I’ve had some contact with over the years. It’s fair to say I can’t remember maybe 60% of the women I’d corresponded with. That seems a lot I guess, but I reckon there must be about 200 odd women who get a guernsey in the list.

I opened some of the emails. I was unsurprised by the bright, flirtatious tone of most. What did surprise me was some of the more intimate conversations with women I can’t recall (or rather, can’t picture). There’s detail in the emails that speaks of conversations offline about subjects I’d forgotten till reading of them again. These lost, forgotten, worlds, and very likely missed opportunities.

There’s something telling about me in this tale. Spilt milk I guess, but an interesting revelation. Have now loaded all of it onto my laptop for posterity.

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