For want of a buyer

About 7pm Christmas Eve I got a message from the girls looking to buy my shop advising me they didn’t think they could go through with the purchase because of unexpected financial issues.

That was a serious blow to me coming at a very bad time.

The shop weighs heavily. It consumes time and money and mental energy. A typical example of that is today. We’re meant to re-open today after a couple of days closed, for a half day. Last night one therapist contacted me to tell me she was sick and couldn’t work today. A moment ago I discovered another has had to fly back to Thailand because of a sick relative. We won’t open today, and I’m scrambling to cover the weekend.

Things like this are happening all the time – something serious every month, and slightly less serious every week, amid the tangle of trivial issues that nonetheless must be dealt with daily.

You might understand then that when finally an agreement to buy the shop had been reached that it felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I was still wary, and a long way from counting my chickens, but there was good reason to believe that soon enough I would be free of the shop and its attendant dramas, would have money in my bank account, and be free to go on and do other things – just in time for a new year.

To hear that was not the case, and on Christmas Eve, was momentarily a crushing blow. I felt tired knowing I would have to go through this again. And concerned suddenly that I might not survive. That’s one of the many challenges I have now, to make 2+2=5. As much as anything that will take charm and persuasion, all I have left and in scant supply.

In the end there is no other option but to pull your boots on and roll up your sleeves and begin again. I met yesterday with someone angling to be a business partner – but they want to live in the premises. I’ve re-contacted other interested parties, and attempted to get confirmation from the girls that it’s definitely off. Next week when the holidays are over I’ll re-advertise.



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