Christmas morning

It’s Christmas morning and I’m at my sisters. That means I was up bright and early, roused by either Santa, or excited children, I’m not sure which.

Schae started it at 6am, bounding out of bed and making haste to the Christmas tree and the bag of goodies Santa had left for her. Being in the way of things I noticed this, and all subsequent events, and observing the curious rustling could not help recall in my sleepy state when I was just a child too, and filled with such childish joy and anticipation that I thought I might burst with it. I remember waking early and looking at the clock beside my bed, judging with impatience a time suitable to get up, wake my parents, and get into the pressies. The minutes would drag by, 5am becoming 6 am, before on the stroke of 7 I judged it time enough and with a whoop and a clamour I would charge out of bed and set the whole joyous day in motion.

Though Schae was up at 6 the official start time was 7am, and so she had to wait. That didn’t stop her from imploring others to wake, it was on;y at a little after 7am that everyone was gathered in the family room by the Christmas tree, carols playing while the kids took eager turns at reaching into the voluminous Santa sacks and extracting something that he, or other parties, had left for them. It was an hour or so of simple happiness. I’ve got things to concern myself with, but for that hour I forgot all that and got into the spirit of things, joining in, urging, laughing, teasing. Rigby joined in to, always a sucker for a festive occasion, tail wagging and going from one to another. I sipped on a latte and a chocolate liquor and was glad to be part of it.

For the moment now it is still. I took the opportunity to languish in a rare AM bath. Very pleasant. The kids are off playing with their things, though there is more to come. Things for me too, though not a lot, and Rigby.

Before that I have set lunch in motion. I volunteered to cook it. Yesterday I made my first ever Pavlova, with white chocolate cream and strawberries. Lunch is turkey of course. That’ll go in the oven shortly. I’ve made some ricotta stuffing balls to bake outside of it. Otherwise, naturally, there will be the standard roast vegies. I’ll get one of the boys to do the peeling for me.

Later we visit my Aunt and cousins for a Christmas dinner of cold cuts. I’ve not seen any of them since my mum’s funeral.

As much as this is fun I look forward to tomorrow. I’ll have the place to myself, and some relative tranquility. There are things to do, but I’ll also take some time to rest and mend the rents in my soul.

Hope you all have a happy day. Merry Christmas.

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