Yesterday’s yesterday’s

There’s been such a gap in writing that there’s a lot I’m never going to write about as I would have liked. My rapture, for example, at the four-part interview of Kerry O’Brien with Paul Keating. Like for thousands of others he remains for me a favourite personality, a great Australian, and represents a sad missed opportunity.

I’d like to write about some of the party’s I attended in this time. One was particularly fun. There was a wedding I attended in Sorrento that provoked much thought and emotion. There was much I could write about, and perhaps I’ll do so in the coming weeks – but not now.

The to and fro with moving, the box packing, the scramble for money, the odd bottle of red wine drained in the course of that as JV, and Cheeseboy helped out. On reflection you’re not missing much of interest there.

Plenty of other things too, but we’ll let them fade into the mist of inconsequential history. Here I am sitting at my sister’s dining table, where I now temporarily reside, with my bed at my feet – yes, I sleep under the dining table. My clothes and paraphernalia litter the room at the edges. My car outside is jam-packed with bits and pieces. I feel like a hobo living out of the back of a car. Rigby’s happy though – here he has an audience.

As I inferred the other day I’m on the cusp perhaps of a different life. I’ve accepted an offer on the shop and wait impatiently for the diverse legal and accounting wheels to turn. I have an interview tomorrow at 1pm. For once in recent times I go into that feeling relatively confident. Let’s hope that’s not misplaced.

Tomorrow evening I fly into Sydney to visit Dad, as well as a couple of other friends. I return early Christmas Eve. It’s the chance for me to get away for a very brief breather – a change of scene, not to mention a decent bed to sleep in. What happens after that I don’t know.

I’ll be back for Christmas. Maybe I’ll find I have a job – if so I start January 6. Hopefully the sale proceeds apace, in which case I may well be in the novel position of having cash in my bank account sometime next month. Till then, regardless of outcomes, the struggle continues. There may be a sun lurking just beneath the horizon, but for now I’m still in the dark.


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