I’m here

Just for the record, I’m still around. Been a frantic couple of weeks. I’m living somewhere else now, temporarily (hope so anyway). The act of packing up and moving is strenuous, time consuming and stressful. I was buggered by the end of it, physically and mentally.

Quite naturally as the move progressed other things continued to happen. Typically I received a call on the afternoon of my move enquiring about my availability for quite a handy role. I’m available I told them. Nothing certain as yet, but suddenly I’m in the box seat. On top of that I’m possibly minutes away from confirming the sale of the shop. Have been negotiating on that for the last week, and now we’re into the nitty gritty.

Essentially what all of this means is that come 2014, or shortly into it, I’ll have a good hunk of cash in my account, and a decent job returning a handy amount to the same account. Again, careful not to get ahead of myself – and very grateful if it happens.

I’m homeless though, and given a couple of days – or even just 24 hours – I might not be now. As I say, that seems entirely predictable – wait until the critical moment, and then go just past it, and then spring the news.

Stay tuned.


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