Silence is golden

The first Ashes test starts this morning, always a big occasion. I’ve been reasonably bullish about our chances this summer, up to a week ago anyway.

What has dampened my hopes is the pre-match chatter. I’m very much old school. I have no problem with on-field sledging and chatter, but that’s where it belongs. That’s not a moral position. I just happen to think that mouthing off ahead of the contest is a sign of weakness. I think it’s traditionally un-Australian too. The great Australian teams never did this. On field it’s on for young and old. Off the ground there was a steely resolve, an indifference, even disdain for the trash-talk and braggadocio our opponents might indulge in. For me that’s a lot more impressive, and probably more intimidating.

I’m Gen X. I’m old school. This is how we are. This mouthy pre-game sparr-ing just comes across as feeble and insecure, like geeing yourself up before the big contest trying to convince yourself that your words are true.

Forget it guys. Play the game. Do your talking with the bat – I’m talking to you Davy Warner. Let the softcocks mouth-off, and reveal their frailties.

Unfortunately I’m less confident now because of this talk. I should accept it as Gen Y just being annoying again, but it just strikes me as the talk of a team who doesn’t quite believe in itself. Very un-Australian.

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