Not drowning after all, maybe, waving possibly

Still clinging on for dear life. Expected to be out of house and home by now, but still here. There’s a distant, but tantalising hope, that maybe I can salvage the situation and somehow remain.

In some ways the outlook is more promising than it was last week. I met on Sunday with the potential buyers of the business, two Thai girls, a mother and a boyfriend. By happy coincidence it was also the busiest day ever since I’ve taken over the shop. I wasn’t able to show them more than a couple of the rooms because the others were in use. On another occasion we stood outside waiting to go in, delayed by the crowd at the front desk. As we stood there another couple walked into the shop. It made it seem very prosperous.

To cut to the chase I believe they’re quite interested. This was their second visit. They currently work as therapists and have the sensible notion of working for themselves, rather than others. As owner operators they’ll take substantially more profit out of the business than I do because they won’t have the same overheads. They have their families backing them – both families live here – which makes them a more viable, credible option.

As it stands they’ve gone away to discuss, but seem keen. Next step, assuming they remain interested, is to go through the financials. That shouldn’t be a problem. They know the price and haven’t sought to negotiate it down. It’s more than what I bought it for, but is only proper as I’ve effectively refurbished the business and put it on an upward trend. I think it’s a good price as I think next years takings should increase by up to 30%, with more to follow. Most of that is profit.

Met with someone else this morning looking to partner. And took a call this afternoon from someone else wanting to buy. In the meantime I’m making a clear profit each week, which unfortunately goes straight back into the business.

Unfortunately none of this is likely to happen soon enough to save me. Even if I get a commitment to buy tomorrow it will take a while for the money to flow through. That means I have to find another solution – I have to find cash, quick.

I’m surprisingly upbeat. I guess I am mostly. Odds remain firmly against me, but figure I’ll find a way. Figure? Well, feel I will anyway. I may need to sell my body, or perhaps half a kidney.


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