Why, oh why, does Gen Y not get it?


At first I thought this article must be taking the piss, Who, after all, has the cojones to actually say what all of us that think: that Gen Y are a bunch of softcocks who lack the commitment and passion we’ve com to expect. Turns out Peter FitzSimons is who.

I’ve griped about Gen Y for years now for being selfish, self-centred flyweights. That’s a generalisation obviously, and there are plenty who are both personable and impressive. There are many more, unfortunately, who are not, and the evidence seems indisputable.

To my way of thinking this marks a decline, but then that’s a subjective assessment based on the values I was brought up with – I’m happily old school Gen X. There are probably many who think the likes of me are out of touch, and that we fail to see the good in Gen Y, and the benefits in the society they have begun to shape.

I guess if that’s the case then I’m happy to be a dinosaur. I feel uncomfortable with so much today that passes as normal behaviour. I grew up in a more robust era, where things were asked of you daily, and which you were proud to respond to. It mattered then, as it seems not too now.


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