The declining fortunes of H

It’s time I gave the basic situation I’m in. I’ve always shied from sharing this sort of information, but those sort of personal inhibitions seem pretty petty now.

Not sure where to start with this. Perhaps the most immediate.

My rent is due in 7 days time. I have no money put towards it, and no income to count on. I’ve had to consider the option of moving out. I’d hate to do that for many obvious reasons, but most relevant perhaps is that I don’t know where I’ll go or what happens to me if I have to leave. Nonetheless I have to be practical, and so during the week spoke to the real estate agent about the prospect of breaking my lease. Basically in that case I have to pay $1,500, plus will be liable for rent until the house is once more let. Factor in moving costs and storage then it costs me more to move than it does to stay. Sort of moot really – I can’t afford to stay, and I can’t afford to move. What happens then? Beats me, though I guess I’ll find out.

On top of that everything else has gradually broken down. I now have about 6-8 parties calling me up after money. I can’t pay them. What money I have has to be prioritised – the mobile phone, my car lease, and the shop. And maybe some food.

I would hope to be taking some money out of the shop, except that I first need to fill a hole. I lost about $4,000 through August because most of my staff was sick, and I’ve been playing catch-up ever since. I need enough to maintain the business – basically pay salaries, but that generally means other things suffer. Rent is behind, rates, electricity…

To help with all of that, and to give me a cut-out, I’m searching for a partner, or perhaps even a buyer for the shop. That’s been an unduly complicated and frequently weird process I’ll have to write about another time.

I’m in dispute with my accountant who charged me about three times more than I expected. I can’t pay his bill, and am not willing to anyway, except that he is conducting negotiations with the ATO on my behalf – can I afford to piss him off?

And yes, that means I owe the ATO about $30K.

It would be easier if the odd calamity had avoided me. A client going bust cost me big. And because I’ve been so caught up in the shop it’s been difficult to get my business going in more than fits and starts. I’ve been looking for work elsewhere, and practically every type, but the answer is always the same: nope. Basically very little has come off lately – if I were to push it, it’s been about 2 years of utter disaster in the fortunes of H.

Bottom line. I have no money. I owe about $7,000 right now, but probably another $5,000 in another fortnight. Obviously the amount will climb the longer I go on without substantive income. I can’t afford to move from where I live, and paradoxically I can’t afford to stay either. I hope for the miraculous intervention, and strive desperately to make it so. The reality is that in a week I’ll officially be in default unless something changes between now and then. I don’t rule it out, but the situation is grim.


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