Home, sweet home

Back in town and all so familiar. I return to the sort of extreme weather events that seem so normal these days. Extreme weather events are happening all over the world these days, but it seems to me that Oz is home to them. You sort of forget – a few days in KL where the weather varies little but for the occasional storm (and the dreadful pollution, which is another story); or London, where ‘summer’ may remain a concept that has never quite taken off, but which, nonetheless, the weather generally remains within certain boundaries.

Even before it was fashionable Melbourne was familiar with quirky weather patterns. It’s one of the things that makes it famous. Those patterns, with climate change etc, have become more violent. It was with a sense of fond recognition then that I got in my taxi from the airport and heard the forecast of extreme winds heading the city’s way. That’s my town!

So it was yesterday fighting off jetlag (I didn’t get my upgrade, drat!), entertaining my nephew, and reorienting myself to home when the winds roared and battered. It was nice being indoors, and not at all unwelcome. I sort of like this. Of course today the remnants of that remain. A stiff wind with an icy chill in it whistles right through you no matter that the sun is shining. The trees bend, leaves and fallen branches littler the streets and the garden.

I love this place



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