Back on the interwebs

I got complaints during the week from people sitting bored at work and waiting for some juicy morsel from me that they could chew over in lieu of work. Fair enough, but unfortunately technology intervened to prevent me to adding to this journal since last Tuesday. Without going into the technical details I’ve been offline since then, and only after much hand-wringing and the occasional threat has my internet connection been restored to its pristine state, all of 30 minutes ago.

In this day and age there never really is a good time to go offline, but I can say pretty confidently that this has just about been the worst time to be disconnected to the world wide web. I finally sealed the deal during the weak on the massage business I was buying, which meant, in theory, a plethora of time critical uber-important emails and documents being sent hither and yon through the ever so crowded ether. Alas, I hardly glimpsed them unless you consider reading them on your iPhone as counting (I don’t – at best it’s a consumer device, not a creative one).

Anyway, big week, lots to say, back online, but you’ll have to wait. Lucky it’s not a working day.

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