I’d laugh if I wasn’t crying

Well that was disappointing. And a bit of a farce. That’s nothing new, if the Labor Party was a sit com it would be sitting at top of the ratings, a laugh a minute.

So, after all that drama yesterday, all that ado, nothing eventuated. Gillard is still PM, and Rudd may have forfeited his final chance. Certainly Labor, without him, is finished.

I still have suspicion that there may yet be another chapter in this melodramatic saga (ok, it’s a dramatic comedy). Gillard is fatally wounded and doesn’t know it. The party is headed for a wreck. And the namby-pamby members – more namby-pamby than I ever expected (I wouldn’t buy one of them a beer) – remain deluded enough to hope that a miracle will yet occur and that Attila the Hun will not sweep down upon them. Go on, keep your heads under the blanket – reality is soooo scary.

If you hear disdain in my voice then give yourself a gold star. I find it hard to have any sympathy for such a wretched crew. They’re as dumb as an Ox. Gillard I’ve lost all respect for. Her one redeeming feature was that she was a ballsy character, but that has lost relevance. She’s a one trick pony, has nothing but a tough skin, and that energy we see only when she’s backed into a corner. I have no time for that. I think it’s weak. Where is it when the government needs to forge forward? Where is it when the government should take the initiative? Nowhere.

It’s like a team going into 3/4 time of a match 10 goals down and kicking 8 goals in the last quarter. It looks better, they fought it out you think, but when it happens week after week you wonder why they can’t show that fortitude and fight when the game’s on the line. It’s no good looking good in junk time, the pressure’s off. Man up and make it happen from the start. That’s what makes for a successful team, doing it when it counts. All the rest is rubbish, and I have no respect for that effort. So it is with Gillard. She grinds her teeth, she puts on her tough face, she faces down the namby-pamby’s, and then makes a big play of it. Fine, you’re a feisty gal – but where are the ideas, the initiative, the simple competence you expect from your government; where’s the inspiration, the communication, the vision, the passion, belief and honesty?

Odds are that Gillard will lead the Labor party to the next election, and that it will be a disaster like we’ve never seen before in Australian politics. I think the namby-pamby’s know this, but won’t open their eyes to accept it. I think Rudd may have one last shot – this government is dead – but he’s running it awfully fine.

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