Gillard Rudd Challenge Expected As Crean Seeks ALP Spill

Gillard Rudd Challenge Expected As Crean Seeks ALP Spill.

This is the best news I’ve had for a while. Respect to Simon Crean for actually getting up and doing something about the leadership situation. While most of the Labor party has been going to bed with the covers over their head for too long, Crean is the first to actually come out and speak to the reality of the situation: that it can’t go on like this. That Labor can’t win with Gillard as leader.

Interesting to see what happens from here. Will Gillard accede to the request for a spill? She’s a stubborn woman. so chances are no more than 50/50 I reckon. Regardless, it means their will be a leadership ballot even if it takes a formal challenge from Rudd. I think that Gillard is finished;p I certainly hope so.

Crean is old school Labor, that is to say, a man of integrity and principle. He was one who came out against Rudd last time, for him to reverse that now counts for a lot. I think it will galvanise the undecideds. The issue has been forced, a commitment has been made, and all the namby-pamby members will be forced to make a choice.

As far as I can see there is only one choice for anyone with a bit of sense. That may not be a given with all pollies, but the instinct for self-preservation is, as ever, strong. Continue with Gillard and they’re on the scrapheap later this year. Vote for Rud and they have a fighting chance.

Bonus is that if Rudd gets up then Swan is gone, yippee. And Gillard can ride off into the sunset muttering how strong and feisty she is, as if it mattered.

Stay tuned.

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