If you were a tourist visiting Melbourne right now you’d be thinking wow, this weather is what Oz is all about. We’re in the middle of a warm streak where the temperature has ranged between 31C and 37C. It’s been 7-8 days now, and more to come. The skies have been blue throughout, and not just any blue, but that brilliant blue you see here more than anywhere else. The sunshine is clean, almost cleansing, something healthy and invigorating.

I was out earlier in a suit, which is not ideal, but it was good to feel the warmth. This sort of temperature is almost perfect, unless you have to work in it. Not too hot, and pleasant if you’re dressed the right way and have either a cool drink close to hand, or a patch of water to dip into. Wandering around the city I spotted a lot of tourists, pale skinned Poles and dark haired Italians, some cute South Americans and Yanks in long shorts. I was surprised at the little tour groups I bumped into, the informal guiding around the lanes and arcades of Melbourne by bohemian locals (one I spotted who I knew), showing the rabbit warrens that make up this place.

I’m back in shorts now and at home have the air-con going strong. I’m thinking of popping down the beach. That’s one thing I notice – the backpackers visiting hopping on my train and geading out to the beaches a stones throw or more from where I reside. I may join them. One thing I’ll definitely be doing is making up a batch of Margaritas for happy hour here.

By the looks this weather is set to continue for another week at least, with perhaps the odd thunderstorm to break it up for variety. This is Melbourne, the storms will come and go, and the sun will return.

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