Clean bill

Every 6 months or so I have to see a specialist to check on my chest – more particularly, my bronchiectisus. As it turns out, I had an appointment this morning (forgotten until prompted), so I hurried over to Richmond for the usual tests and consultation.

As it happens I’ve been feeling fine, and thought I’d tick off the appointment today and move. To my great surprise I discovered I was actually in very good health. Over the last 18 months I’ve improved about 20% over a range of tests, which is pretty substantial – and should continue, I’m told. Good as that is, I was kinda flabbergasted to learn that I’m actually ahead of the average dude. Now that’s the average dude of my age and weight, who I’m I’m in front of by about 10% on average. I’ve never thought of myself as being particularly healthy in that way, but on reflection figured that that average incorporates a lot of guys who do no more exercise than walking to the station, and who are couch potatoes given the option. I’m a lot more active than that, though the results still surprise me.

The bottom line is that I don’t have to go back again unless I need to. Keep healthy, do my exercise, and I should be right. Good to know.

Driving away I thought back to two years ago. I was in a bad way then. I had one chest infection after another through the winter months, which is what led me to the specialist in the first place. On top of that I had chronic back pain, which was occasionally severe and incapacitating. I was stiff, inflexible, I had more aches and pains than the radox man. Two years on I’m better all round. My back is so much better – getting regular massage has helped that plenty I think. Because I’m more active I’m more limber too, and have few physical ailments trouble me. I should stop to really appreciate it, because it does go directly to quality of life.

On the debit side I think I popped my anterior cruciate ligament a couple of weeks ago. I went to stand up and my left knee abruptly gave way to the side. I can’t put any weight on it now – it won’t hold me – and it has a bit of a sting. Could be worse. It’s the sort of injury that should mend itself if I play good, but I won’t be playing footy for a few months.


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