Remembering a true Bombers favourite

Remembering a true Bombers favourite.

Gosh, this makes me sad. And makes me feel old.

Merv was one of my favourite players back in the day. He was a good looking bloke with a bit of swagger and a lot of attitude. And he could seriously play. I remember him well loping down the wing at Windy Hill, or in the big games at the MCG, and that beautiful right foot of his. He was genuinely tough and very willing, and would occasionally get that mad stare that said ‘watch out’.

He played in a great era in a team of champions, but I always favoured him – my other favourites were Watson of course, and Daisy Williams and Leon Baker. And Christ Madden could play too, and TD, and Vander…

In any case, Merv will be sadly missed. Disregard what they say in the article – Merv is a legend for so many reasons, and his passing like this is just plain tragic.

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