Boonoogling in KL

Living the KL life. I’m sitting here in an cafe in BSC using their free wi-fi while sipping on an English breakfast tea. The whirling fans overhead produce a turbulence of cool air. Waiters wonder by in jeans and little black aprons.

At some point in the next couple of weeks I have something approximating a ‘real’ job, putting my consultants hat on again and looking sage for the client. In the meantime I’m left mostly to my own devices.

High on the list of priorities for me is getting stuck-in to some stories too long unfinished. They’re good stories I think – at least they both have an interesting premise – and I reckon I can turn them into something good. I spent a few hours yesterday working on two of them, and made some pleasing progress. I reckon I’ll have a version finished of each by the end of the week. Doubtless there will be many re-writes after.

I’m writing an eBook on coffee at some point too, though feel uninspired by the task.

Somewhat unexpectedly I also received a commission this morning to re-write all the text on a website. It’s not the most exciting job – it’s for a dental practise – but is pretty easy. I’ll charge good money for something I can likely knock over in a couple of hours. Suggesting they might also want to do a web refresh too, which I can also handle, though not until I return to Melbourne.

That’s me in KL. Might go for a quick swim this afternoon. Later on there’s quite a generous happy hour across the road to check out. Plenty of work in the meantime.

Yes, I think, it’s strange how I manage these days.

(And yes, Boonoogling is a work I made up, but seems right- it means to drift informally but productively between disparate  tasks in a casual environment.)

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