Hair up there

Hair under your arms.

Not hair down there, this is about hair up there. As the prosaic and unimaginative title says (copy editors, do your job), this article is all about hair under the arms. More specifically, womens underarm hair (I have hairy armpits, but then I’m a bloke). Not surprisingly perhaps, this is a hairy (sorry) subject. The norm these days seems to be to shave arms and armpits, as well as quims. It’s become so ‘normal’ that to do anything else is vaguely outrageous in mainstream circles. Me, I applaud this Emer O’Toole of the proudly hirsute underarms.

I’ll go on record to say I don’t mind it. I remember once fucking a girl who had gloriously natural body hair. I was taken aback at first, but ultimately found it very sexy. There is an earthy honesty to it that speaks of attitude as much as it does the body. As everyone knows (I think), it’s the mind, and the attitude, which is ultimately the sexiest thing about another human being.

It’s not often I see a woman with hairy armpits, but each time I feel curiously roused. And almost every time I like the owner of aforesaid armpits because just about to a woman they’re all confident, earthy, intelligent and sensual women. Not one of them is a fake or a phony.

As for hair in other parts – well, I’ve already commented on that, but I’m definitely against the totally bald quim. As long as it’s not too unkempt and wild then fine.

I do, however, draw the line at facial hair on a girl.

Here I am talking as a man, in fact, as a consumer of women. Take that out of the equation and it should be a no-brainer that the norms, peer group pressure and fashion trends should be immaterial. If someone wants to bow to those, then so be it; all power though to those who go with what is most comfortable to them. Free will rocks.

Interesting to see how this pans out, or if it pans out at all. All the same, kud

Underarm Hair
Underarm Hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

os to Emer.


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