Catching up

It’s been a while since I wrote last, and so much has occurred in that time. I’ve not written because I’ve been busy, or away, or no in the mood to capture the moment. For nearly the last 3 weeks I’ve had another excuse. I’ve been traveling through China without access to so many of the services we take for granted, ranging from Facebook to this blog. I’ve been disconnected from the inner world that makes up my wider world, while literally traveling step by step in the wider world.

I guess there’s a lot to catch up on, but I’m in no hurry to fill in the gaps. I’m just home this morning at 6.30am after an overnight plane trip from Singapore. I’m a tad weary, but also keen to get on with things. I hope to fill you all in what’s been going on, but chances are much will be lost in the past, done, gone, history. C’est le vie. Not sure if it’s not a good thing. I certainly hope to update you on some of the salient occasions in the last month odd.

I’ll start with what has happened most recently. In China I underwent a small epiphany in stages, which I will describe one stage at a time.

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