Webs of desire

I had coffee before with Vinnie who was complaining about his lot in life. Now he has some challenges to overcome, but it can’t be that bad I said to him. Look at me mate, I said, shit’s happening and I’m happier than you. That seemed only to confirm his point. My life is so dire that it can only improve it seems, whereas his can, and probably will, get worse. It was interesting perspective: my glass is so empty it can only be filled.

In truth my life is odd these days, and has been for some time. The gods sitting up there in the clouds, or atop Mt Olympus, or lazing on a banana lounge in the Whitsundays, or wherever they are, must have good reasons I guess for the current design of my life. You guys, my readers, would be excused for being oblivious because let’s face it, I leave things out. I don’t give you the full picture and some pretty significant occurrences never see the light of day here. You’d understand my bewilderment if you had the full picture. You’d be up there nudging the gods in the rib cage as if to say how the fuck does that work? I wish I knew.

In any case this mini-rant has been provoked by the sudden surge in popularity in H. Though I was oblivious of it at the time, it seems come last news year eve every woman and her pussycat made the resolution that this year was the year – and quite possibly that H was their man. I’ve never graphed it, but if I did I reckon you’d see a huge spike in interest for H since 2012 has begun. It’s not 4 weeks yet, but I reckon I’ve had about 15 different women in contact with me. Fresh, new women.

Now my life is setup a little like a spider weaves his web. I’ll get regular tremors as the odd woman gets ensnared, at which time I’ll do the right thing and check it out. Clearly I’ve not found the woman of my dreams amongst those caught, but I’ve met many interesting and fun women as a result. This month though – and perhaps it’s the summer? – I’m catching them at a rate of about three times the long term average. Some of them are really nice and interesting, and one or two are near the top of the cuteness scale.

What do I make of this? Ultimately not too much. Like I say, I have a bunch of other things going on in my life that makes this activity very incongruous. I just live my life, I do my thing, I don’t think too much about what might be or what could be and concentrate on what is.

Life will at some point assume it’s more traditional configuration, the glass will – must – fill, if only slowly. And if one of these turn out to be more then I’ll happily go along with that. God knows, I’d happy to be snared in just the right web myself.

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