The razors edge

I haven’t really got into 2012. It’s a quiet time of year and besides, I’ve had other things happening. That all changes tomorrow.

Professionally speaking I’m back into it tomorrow morning when I get out of bed. The big task tomorrow is to try and land a client I’ve been cultivating for nearly 6 months. It’s been a frustrating experience, they’re keen but not ready, maybe in a months time has been their mantra. Every month then I put on my polished, charming face and follow-up again – each time for pretty much the same response.

Frustrating as it is, it’s also credible. It’s a reasonably high profile organisation that has been going through some strife. In response to that they initiated a quite radical re-structure which has taken months to work through and bed down. While I would have been happy to assist in the process their view was that they didn’t want me beginning until it was settled down. Fair enough, you’re the boss – and there’s the delay.

Another client I might have given up on them by now, but not this one. If I get in I figure it’s more than likely I’ll be there for the long haul on a good rate. That it’s a 5 minute walk from home is another bonus. And I reckon I can do a lot of good for them i areas which they have little knowledge and where they struggle.

The problem I face is that the person I spoke to first, an intelligent and conscientious woman, left the company about a month ago. She was good enough to speak to the CEO about me and suggest I follow up with her in January. That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow, but in the meantime I’ve discovered that the CEO is moving on also, finishing up this week. Her priorities may well be otherwise, but at the very least I hope she can refer me to someone else. At best we meet and agree to terms.

It would be nice to sort this out. If we can ink out an agreement that’s one less thing I need worry about. It’s just about make or break for me, that close either way. Such is the life of the self-employed.

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