More tips: the wisdom of H, part 2

Wisdom of S............

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I’m a man, and as it becomes very clear these little tidbits of advice are written from a male perspective, sometimes exclusively. Hopefully there are bits and pieces helpful to anyone, regardless of sex, but there are many more particularly addressed to my son when he comes of age (or born, at least):

#13 If you say you’re going to call, then call.

#44 Be true to principles beyond self-interest. Do what is right.

#64 Try to be special. Don’t be afraid of being different. The world is many people; you are just one. Strive to be yourself, strive to make each part of yourself the most it can be. Maybe then you can become more than just another face in the crowd.

#116 Be attentive to her needs, her desires, and you will find the more pleasure you give, the more you receive.

#175 Don’t wear a novelty tie unless you’re the joke. Don’t ever be the joke.

#213 Take your time when playing pool for money. Survey the table, the placement of the balls, the state of the game, the ability of your opponent, and his frame of mind. Though it is important to take your opportunities as they present, think more than one shot ahead. Know that sometimes the snooker is your most valuable ally. Sometimes denying him a shot is as important as making your own. Don’t play to impress, play to win.

#240 Don’t take bribes. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed against your better judgement. You’re not for sale kid.

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