H’s random tips on life, part 1

These are the little lessons in life I picked up along the way and wrote down for my children to learn. There’s a few. Here’s a random sample:

#3 Ask for more than is expected, expect more than you should, and do more than you have to.

#30 Beware of drivers wearing hats.

#65 Know: you can’t make someone love you.

#101 In the summer share a mango in the bathtub with a fine and sensual friend.

#132 When you bark, sometimes you have to bite.

#146 It’s fine to get even, but not to hold a grudge. It’s bad for the soul.

#171 Most people talk in inverse proportion to the time they spend thinking. Most people talk too much. Think more, and talk less.

#176 Keep your skis together, bend in the knees and move through the hips.

#200 Sometimes mending a relationship is like putting Humpty Dumpty together again. It can’t be done.

#245 Try not to let the phone ring more than four times.

#256 Never wear pants with elastic in the waist unless they’re trackpants or shorts – and only then at home or when you’re working out.


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