Swinging in the rain

Had a boys weekend away playing golf down the peninsula this last. We rocked up to Moonah Links with the weather uncertain. From about the 5th hole it began to rain, mostly a thin sleet, but sometimes heavier. The clouds were huge and heavy with rain, a smouldering grey close to the ground. Occasionally we would hear the rumble of thunder from somewhere over yonder, and the flash of lightning. It was at the 8th hole that the siren sounded calling us in to safety. I was on the front edge of the green in two and was willing to risk the lightning for my par, and a win of the hole. A long 15 metre putt took me to within a few feet as the rain tumbled, and I hurriedly tapped in the par putt with the flag still in the hole. With that we headed back to the clubhouse.

We had a beer and a bowl of chips pondering the state of the weather. The rain fell heavily before trailing off. After about 30 minutes the siren went again to signal the all clear. Back to the course we went.

By now it was cold, we were wet, and the wind chilling. The rain continued to fall as we – all of us in shorts – debated if we should continue. I was close to shivering. Then on the 11th hole the sun came out to miraculous effect. Suddenly the chill was off our bones, and our wet clothes began to dry. We played out the rest of the round in relative comfort.

I had a good day. I still scored a little over a hundred, but it’s a tough course, particularly if you land in one of the deep bunkers, and the weather conditions not conducive. I had a reasonable front nine scoring somewhere between 5-7 generally, with no blow-outs, and a better back nine but for one hole when I scored a 9. The rest were pretty well all a 5 or a 6. Had we scored conventionally I’d have won the day as everybody else had a disastrous hole or two. My round was marred by the odd, but regular duffed shot, which prevented me from scoring maybe 15 shots better on the day. I need to work on that, but unlike many days golfing I left encouraged.

That night we went into Sorrento for dinner and play. We went to the Continental – the ‘Conty’ – where we played pool for a few hours while the pretty young things danced around us. JV and I were dominant, and it was fun.

Back in our Blairgowrie digs we had cheese and biscuits and a bottle of Port before finally hitting the sack. I woke with a stiff lower back: JV complained of too little sleep; and Cheeseboy made the vow never to do that again, he’s too old.

And that was our weekend: fun.

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