Tomato season


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Cup day coincides each year with tomato season. Tradition says that come cup day it’s time to plant your tomatoes ready for summer. Over the weekend I bought my tomato seedlings – a variety of heirloom varieties – and planted them, along with some chilli and a bunch of different herbs.

I’m no gardener, and I certainly don’t have a green thumb, but there is a great pleasure somehow in growing your own vegies. Somehow I first started when I was a kid, taken, I think, by the concept of planting a seed and watching something grow. I grew beans and zucchini and a sprawling pumpkin patch, as well as capsicums. To watch my plants grow and bear fruit seemed a miracle of nature as much as anything else, though there was also great pleasure in bringing something delectable to the kitchen table. In the years since I’ve had the occasional vegie patch, dependent upon space and interest. Arriving home from work I would often check my vegetables first thing to see what marvels had blossomed in my absence.

There is then that spiritual pleasure in connecting more closely to the earth and propagating your own food, but ultimately that comes second to the taste sensation that home grown vegies promise. There is nothing better than an organic, home grown tomato plucked straight from the vine and still warm from the sun. For taste and succulence is a million miles away from what the supermarket delivers up. If you’re really serious about your food, then home grown is really the only way to go.

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